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Ready for a unique, intimate BDSM experience with a premier Bay Area Mistress?


I am not currently accepting sessions due to the pandemic. I will be reevaluating conditions on January 15th. In the mean time, consider purchasing a clip vid or a call on nitflirt.


The most efficient way to book is to use my contact form or to email me at

My donations currently begin at 350 an hour, 500 for an hour and a half. If you are a talented visual or sculptural artist, I am sometimes open to accepting partial tribute in form of original works of art. I also regularly run holiday promos, so if you are unable to afford my rate, I would encourage you to follow me on Twitter, @LivRagnarok.

For new clients I require a deposit, made via or money order to reserve the time and space. During the pandemic, I am only accepting sessions every two weeks, then isolating in between so it is helpful to have notice to schedule. Universal screening of clients is required.

If you are interested in online or public sessions, please specify as my rates are lower for virtual play and higher for public play. 

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