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Sensual and Fierce

​When you come to play with Me, you will find yourself quivering at the sight of My full, perfect ass and graceful back. My long, slender toes will turn you into a salivating animal. My 5'8" statuesque figure will seem to pull you into my orbit like a planet pulls a wayward star. My thick velvet thighs could crush you... 


And yet it is so much more than these physical attributes that enfold and ensnare you. My soothing honey-sweet voice can fall softly like warm rain, or crackle like booming thunder. My eyes dance with an inner ferocity and preternatural cunning. When you witness the grace of My supple, muscular limbs, My regal countenance, and My sharp intellect, you will understand that I am no ordinary woman. I am a Goddess of Sex and War. 

I bring experience and prowess to all my sessions. My knowledge of transgression, taboo practices and fetishism is encyclopedic, comprehensive. My empathy is expansive and my lust is insatiable. 

At times I am like the ice of a distant glacier, the tenderness of a Nordic Spring, or the heat of the midnight sun. Strong, tough, passionate and inspired— both bawdy and intellectual in nature: I am a puzzle of pungent, feral sexuality and calculating thought that you could never hope to best. You will never conquer Me, so allow me to charter your journey, and guide you on this brave adventure.

5'8", sturdy and curvaceous build, unshaven and natural, 35 years old. 13 years of lifestyle experience, over six years of professional experience. 

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