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A Covid Update, from Mistress Liv

As many of you loyal subs know already, I have been taking sessions during the pandemic, albeit at much reduced capacity. My loyal subs have been my bread and butter during this time, and I appreciate your service greatly. Medical sessions as well as role play sessions incorporating masks are en point! As is face sitting (my ass is your new mask) and anything that we can do at a reasonable distance, such as ball busting, impact play, ignore play and... plenty of other options. I would encourage you to be creative and flexible. This may go on for a long time. I, for one, am in it for the long haul.

I am currently only accepting sessions in clusters every three weeks or so. I will be taking sessions in two day sprees, then quarantining and getting tested in between. Follow my Twitter @LivRagnarok for updates of when exactly I am taking sessions.

I am requiring universal screening, including that all new subs will be required to show negative covid test results taken within two weeks of our session together. I am also taking temperatures of all clients with an external thermometer and may ask a "smell" test.

Sadly this all complicates the possibilities of double sessions, but doesn't make them impossible. Feel free to inquire!

I am all about harm reduction and making the best of these tough times, while still being our kinky selves.

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