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SPRING FLINGS: New Content, Promos and Updates

Spring is in the air and I hope you all know what that means! I'm shooting new content, refreshing my website, reaffirming my desires and boundaries, and, most importantly, it is My birthday month. If you wish to get Me a birthday present, you can purchase gift certificates to REI or Mr. S Leather and email it to me at

I hope you all enjoy the photos my friend and fellow kinkster Ginger shot. Many of them were shot on film and double exposed for some unique effects. They remind me of a 90s album cover. As some of you might know I collect vinyl records and although I focus on jazz and folk music, I definitely have some 90s rock on my shelves. I am hoping to do another photo shoot in March that will have a retro occult vibe, like a Hammer horror movie. It's always fun to plan these and decide what elements I want to bring in, what I want to express and hopefully inspire some kinky desires and ideas.

Obviously there will not be any promos for March since it is My birthday month and time to make it rain on me. However, I always offer these two promos:

  • Get my logo tattooed on your body by Hannah Knight of Oakland (who designed it -- she's an amazing artist) and pay for just the rent of a session up to three hours! That's a FREE SESSION and all it takes is becoming My brand ambassador forever!

  • If you are a talented visual artist or sculptor, I will consider partial trade for your artwork. We need to agree on the piece in advance.

In April, I will announce a promo that strikes My fancy.

I have been getting more into the habit of making trips down to Oakland once a month, in order to see My beautiful friends and take a select session or two. In the mean time, I continue to take sessions in the North Bay, generally in Rohnert Park or Santa Rosa, but occasionally Petaluma.

I have been getting lots of requests lately for smoking sessions and unfortunately it can be difficult to find safe, discreet places in which to do them. I have also been getting a lot of requests for cuckold sessions and am not currently taking them as I do not currently have a suitable bull. Being a bull is hard *pun intended*! I will try to update all My content soon to reflect these obstacles.

As many of you may now, Venmo and CashApp are being compelled to report transactions to the IRS which is why I have been asking you all when sending deposits to use specific discreet phrases I advise you to use, and may ask for an unusual number so not all charges are the same amount. I know it is an extra step but it is for My safety, so I appreciate everyone being diligent in this regard.

Thank you to all My dutiful, attentive and respectful subs, and subs-to-be. I adore each and every one of you that comes to Me with joy, authenticity and good will, leaving your entitlement at the door. You each enrich My life so much.

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