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These are a few of my favorite BDSM scenes...

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Part One

Hello little ones and thanks for reading. This afternoon, I’m sitting at a cafe with the beautiful Mistress Mary and reminiscing about some of the more unusual, sexy and amusing scenes I have had the pleasure of executing. Please be advised that the following may contain things that just aren’t your fetish, and may be triggering.

Blind Date

This was a scene I arranged in my personal life, about two years before I went pro. It still stands out in my head as an incredibly fun time that I would love to recreate at The Gates. I had been messaging a younger guy about shared BDSM fantasies on fetlife for a few days. We decided to make a date to play with each other. He was completely new to these games, and I was still cutting my teeth as a domme.

Rather than meet for coffee like I normally would, I thought I’d have a little extra fun with this eager, budding sub. I wanted his first time to be special. At the time, I lived in a cute little studio in North Oakland, a corner unit in a quiet building, with an odd little alcove just outside my door. After some discussion of safe words on the phone, he agreed to come over, get buzzed into my building, walk into the alcove, close his eyes, put his hands on the wall and wait for me. He dutifully fulfilled my commands, not peeking one bit, as I walked out of my apartment to blindfold and tie his hands before leading him into my apartment. I kept him blindfolded for two hours while I toyed with his body, slowly introducing him to some light pain, cock and ball bondage, tease and denial, face sitting, spitting and temperature play.

I will never forget the look on his face when I finally dimmed the lights to remove the blindfold, allowing him to look at me for the first time. He had been so totally vulnerable, choosing to trust that I was the woman in the pictures touching him, taunting him. The relief and wonder when he finally looked into my eyes as he exclaimed, “My god, you are beautiful,” was a gift I will always cherish.

The Other White Meat

This is the first and only cannibalism roleplay I have done, but this turned me onto it so hard, I am itching for another. This was a four hour session, including Mistress Dahlia for two hours and Mistress Angel for one. Piggie asked us to abuse it horribly, as preparation for my Special Recipe. While we single tail whipped it, put needles in it’s balls, brined it by forcing it to drink our urine, fed it slop from our mouths then rubbed butter, garlic and sea salt into it’s hide, it kept staring into my eyes, murmuring, “Please Goddess, digest me so I can live inside You forever. Make me into Your shit.”

This was definitely one of the most bizarre scenes I have done. Dahlia and Angel were both amazing, and we had so much fun playing off one another while dehumanizing and degrading Piggie. I trust that it will remember my evil whisper in it’s ears for years to come: “Mmm, I am starving. I can’t wait to flay the skin from your corpse and deep fry it into cracklings, then stew your flesh till it slips right off the bone.”

It was an evil thrill.

...To Be Continued soon, dear ones.

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