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Some of the Strangest Emails

I received these bizarre inquiries while advertising as a guess Mistress at Pandora's Box in New York City. Needless to say, I never did this session. I would have loved to do something like this with someone in their right mind, capable of giving consent. I did however save these emails for the archives. The phone number has been censored but otherwise they are unaltered.

Bizarre, disturbing emails such as these is one of the many reasons why it is important for prospective submissives to keep their emails concise, clear, polite and informational. Imagine receiving such inarticulate garble regularly. I am much more likely to respond positively and quickly to emails that seem like they are coming from a... sane person.

my name is James.1-929-900-****.I want to Book a,session.

James, want to book a, Cannibalism,session With you Lady Liv.between the hours of your porridge stew on Friday, today at-3:00pm to 11:00pm.

Lady.liv do you like Bologna and Cheese inside your pot of stew. With home made College Cheese inside your porridge stew.When Lady.liv is doing Cannibalism on me James,at the same time you eat your porridge stew.Yes.or No.

Hi:this James,I want to listening to The Rolling Stones I can get no satisfaction back to back for 8 hours before James,Cannibalism,session with Liv.Ragnarok with medical session who With DSCOO343 And IMG_7025 And DSC_58712 And Haley nurse smaller at

James, Woods Jr.#4. Don't Be Scared, To Digest,With The Bologna, And Cheese, And The ONIONS,Between The home made College Cheese. This Number Is In Liv. R Digestive, System, 4735. At The Same Time.Liv. Ragnarok:Hypnotize, Me When She Said Whoops.Its Up To The Hero Bread Will Be The Covered Up.Liv.Ragnarok Will Bring It Back In A,Dimension, Magic,In 1975 At-8:00pm.

I,Aim,one of the best slaves that Liv.Ragnarok she need to digest him inside her porridge,stew in one hour add with the medical,mistress, need help from Liv.Ragnarok to chop up James,Woods up into seven five pieces when he is dry and sticky with the GRAPE,ARTIFICIAL-FLAVOR- KOOL-AID.AND THE GRAPE GELATIN-AND/DEER PARK WATER AND WARMING Ti Up.Liv.Ragnarok Its Cool To Match Your Age With the Grape Artificial Flavor Kool-Aid.Lady.liv will have the power to flush him down with the number is 4,735 times when Discovering him inside her Mess in 24-HOURS.A,day primitive religion based on Lady.liv a,belief in bathroom Rooled Spirt number is 324 in magic.I will know in one hour when him following by Liv.Ragnarok two Boards.Thank you God for his flushing to Judgement Pakage on December 08,2018.

Only in NYC!

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