A Mistress and Her Slaves


When I first reached out to you, I had little idea how well we would connect! 

I love how creative you are. Especially while crafting a scene involving taboo fetishes such as race-play and adult baby/sissy/mommy. I love how you switch effortlessly between sadistic and nurturing moments and sometimes even combine the two, it's brilliant. You are also great at reading me and adjusting or developing the scene beautifully. In that process, I have learned so much about myself that I did not know before, and have you to thank for that. Thank you also for the positive energy you bring, it really is infectious!! :) 

Thank you for being so wonderful. I can't wait for our next time!! :) 


Hi Lady Liv,


i'm so happy i got a chance

to play with You - i really had an amazing time and am

glad to have explored

some new things. It was all

so fun and so exciting,

and i'd do all of those

things again!

i appreciate the words of

support - it definitely has

taken me a long time to get comfortable with this aspect of my sexuality. i really enjoy it but have a hard time expressing it with others, but You made it so easy and comfortable.

Thank You.


There is nobody like Her.
Nobody as evil as Her.
You are an amazing Mistress. I have been playing with BDSM for over 20 years and You are my favorite Dominatrix yet!

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