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A Mistress and Her Slaves


It's like playing with Shakespeare. She is ingenious.




When I first reached out to you, I had little idea how well we would connect.

I love how creative you are. Especially while crafting a scene involving taboo fetishes such as race-play and adult baby/sissy/mommy. I love how you switch effortlessly between sadistic and nurturing moments and sometimes even combine the two, it's brilliant. You are also great at reading me and adjusting or developing the scene beautifully. In that process, I have learned so much about myself that I did not know before, and have you to thank for that. Thank you also for the positive energy you bring, it really is infectious!! :) 

Thank you for being so wonderful. I can't wait for our next time!! :) 


Wow. Where to begin. When you first meet her, she is a vision of loveliness, but you will also find she is approachable, easy to talk to.  She greeted me warmly and sincerely, and we began a talk about the kind of scene that I would enjoy, and that was within the multitude of kinds of scenes she is capable of enjoying.  You converse with her easily for she is beauty and charm made flesh.


Then, with more warmth, and class and caring, she leads you to the agreed room, where her attention to detail has been at play.  Any variable about the room that has been discussed. Anything that needs to be relied upon, has been checked and tested, and is in its appropriate place. Lighting, scents, furniture, costume, props, and toys... all are where she wants them, reflecting what you had been told, if you were told anything, or asked.

Then, the scene. Here, only, is where her true excellence and skill can be sensed. I will try to limit her qualities to a top 3, but they are myriad.

1 - Power, she is constantly in control of herself, her toys, her awareness of what you are experiencing, and what you need to experience.  Awareness of you, even as you change in, are changed by the scene.  Her brilliance of mind, and depth of knowledge... are part of that, too. 

2 - Performance, should be doing any role play, her performance is brilliant, imbuing the role with herself, adapting to dialog, any evolving scene, and adapting the new story line to further her power, and your wanton joy in receiving the attention from one who could spend that attention anywhere she would choose. In different scenes she can be chameleon like, becoming the new character, but within each scene... the character is very credible; Brilliant.

3 - Technical expertise. Safe application of all manner of toys, and actions... mindful of the (few) complexities of the male biological/psyche.  She is capable of creating what she wants, and mercifully, rapturously... it has been in my experience, always Always what I wanted.... or needed.

And she has always been a kind and respectful professional. The best in everything. I can't say enough about her. I hope her schedule and your luck allow you a chance to know for yourself.


There is nobody like Her. Nobody as evil as Her. 


i'm so happy i got a chance

to play with You - i really had an amazing time and am

glad to have explored

some new things. It was all

so fun and so exciting,

and i'd do all of those

things again!

i appreciate the words of

support - it definitely has

taken me a long time to get comfortable with this aspect of my sexuality. i really enjoy it but have a hard time expressing it with others, but You made it so easy and comfortable.

Thank You.

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